The Best Ways to Get Creative with Personal Banners

Tom quinn Custom Flag Tips

personal banners

Designing your own personal banners can be as exciting as it is daunting. Capturing your brand or organization’s individuality in a single image can be a challenging task, but don’t let that stop you! Us here at Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation specialize in manufacturing flags that stand out from the rest, and we can help you design your own attention-grabbing banner.

Shape + Frame
Whatever you imagine, we can create. Whether you decide to go with a rectangular frame, teardrop, or another custom shape, think about what frame works best for you. When considering your banner shape, the most important thing to consider is where your banner will be presented. If, for example, your banner will be hung from the side of a building, a rectangular shape will be easier for prospective customers to read. However, if you’re advertising at a marathon or race, we recommend a teardrop banner frame. Whatever you decide, keep in mind the context your banner will be seen.

This is perhaps the most crucial variable when designing a creative banner. While your company may have an excellent slogan, please do not feel that you have to use it on your banner. This is your chance to show the market something new about your organization. Another tip is to keep your banner’s size in mind and other constraints such as your logo or a large graphic while writing your text. Whether you decide to draw your banner’s reader in with humor or by asking them a question, keep your text short and to the point.

While we recommend incorporating your logo within your banner, you may also find it beneficial to include another graphic. Depending on the size of your banner and your text, you may wish to include a graphic that pairs well with your text. Lastly, a strategic background color can be the difference between your banner standing out or falling short. Try out many different color pairings to see what background color works best with your text and graphics.

Remember that these are suggestions and not rules; the best way to make your personal banner distinctive is to design it the way you want. Try not to look too much at other banners for “inspiration” or at your competitor’s banners; you will start to find your banner looking more like theirs. But most importantly, get creative and have fun creating your own unique banner.