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How to Avoid Online Shopping Scams

Laurie Olsen Uncategorized

When ordering your custom products, it’s important to stay alert against shopping scams online. From virus links to fraudulent charges, customers need guidance to ensure they are purchasing gifts from reputable sites without the fear of being scammed.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top tips and strategies you can use to help you avoid false products to ensure that your purchases are direct, efficient, and secure.

Be Vigilant About Clicks

We know that customers who purchase a custom gift do so with a lot of care, thought, and effort. Don’t let one wrong click ruin your efforts by leaving you in the middle of an online scam.

It’s vital to be vigilant about what sites, links, and emails you open. Suspicious attachments or links in your email could often be a phishing scam. Phishing scams ask you for your personal information, which is then sold or stolen, while others may also download malware onto your computer or phone.

Sometimes, an email from a reputable vendor can end up in your spam folder. Don’t fret – with a few verifications of the email’s origin, you can rest assured that your email comes from the vendor you’re looking for and move it to your inbox.

When purchasing a custom order like custom made flags from, you will receive a direct email with your purchase information and receipt. We will not ask for additional information via email unless we are responding to a personal inquiry you sent us. For those who take their web security above and beyond, we also offer the option of communicating through telephone for peace of mind.

Know Your Site

For all custom orders, always double-check the website’s URL, especially once you’re on the payment page. All reputable pages should have “https” in the web address.

Always opt for a seller who has customer reviews and a positive seller reputation, such as Stars & Stripes, which has over 40+ years of positive customer experiences to share!

Heed caution if your site advertises that they are U.S.-based, but then reaches out to you from a foreign mode of contact. Another red flag is if the vendor requests you choose a specific shipping method to avoid customs fees or foreign taxes.

At, you can rest assured that all of our flags are custom made in the USA at a family-owned and operated location since 1977.

pay with caution

Pay with Caution

Online payments are now offered across platforms. Generally speaking, credit cards and e-wallets, such as PayPal, are the most popular and secure options. Even so, it’s important to monitor your statements regularly.

Always ensure your payments have cleared and have not been duplicated on your statements. If you see a suspicious charge, reach out to your credit card company or to PayPal immediately to dispute the transaction and file a fraudulent claim. If possible, freeze your account or card meanwhile.

If the seller asks you to pay with a debit or gift card, run the other way. Reputable sellers such as Stars & Stripes will never ask you to change your selected payment method during custom purchases.

Monitor Shipping

After you make a purchase, keep track of your order number and shipping/tracking information. By following the delivery process, you’ll be quick to notice if there is something suspicious about your package or if it fails to ship in the first place.