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Custom Garden Flags Are a Great Idea for Your Next Fundraiser

Laurie Olsen Custom Flag Tips

Are you looking for a new item to sell for you next fundraiser? Is your organization tired of selling the same products year after year. Try custom garden flags! A Stars & Stripes/ ’s decorative custom flags are a great way to earn money, while increasing awareness of your organization or school wherever they are displayed.

Why Custom Garden Flags?

  • Our 12”×18″ outdoor garden flags are made with a sleeve across the 12″ top of the flag.
  • You can choose any design with unlimited colors or words.
  • These custom garden flags can be displayed using a simple garden stake, which you can also offer for sale or your customers can use one they already have or purchase themselves.

Many ways to Sell your Garden Flags

Once you’ve created a design for your custom garden flags, you can sell them in a few ways.

Pre – Sale – Using a proof we create with you, or having one sample flag made you can take orders using a webpage we create for you, an order form or a combination of the two methods. This option allows you to order what you sell, so you won’t get stuck with extra flags.

Bulk Order – You can also place an order for the amount you anticipate selling so your customer can take the custom garden flag home when they order it. This option is great if you have a store or an event where customers expect to be able to take home their purchase.

Your organization sets the retail price of your custom garden flag based on what you think your community is willing to pay. Your cost is determined by the quantity you purchase. Your price will decrease the more you sell.

Any Questions? We are Here to Answer Them!

Contact Us or request a quote. We are here to help you create the ideal garden flags for your fundraiser and increase the number of flags you sell! If you would rather talk to one of our custom flag experts, give us a call today at 1-800-757-0600.