Cut Through the Advertising Clutter with Business Flags that are Perfect for Small Shops

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Business Flags

Pedestrians and vehicle traffic account for a large amount of walk-in customers in the brick-and-mortar store sector. These individuals are responsible for a huge number of sales, so their importance is hard to downplay. Even in the era of online shopping, stores with a physical “storefront” need people to come through the door and spend money.

The question that owners and operators must figure out is how do they entice these folks to come in and browse? Will custom flags flying at the curb or out front grab their attention? Are these business flags even available in designs that apply to the store’s general industry and offerings? A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation is happy to report that yes, a flag maker can create attention-grabbing products that are designed to tell a loud-and-clear message to potential shoppers. Below are some of the ways that business flags can be used to accomplish this mission.

Cutting through the noise: According to one marketing expert, americans to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements on a daily basis. The marketing expert’s personal test clocked nearly 500 exposures before breakfast was even over. Some pass by with little to no recognition. Others fade into the subconscious. Some result in immediate attention and that should be the objective of every brick-and-mortar store owner. Local businesses can make the most of this information by realizing that the majority of this mass media clutter is coming from the television, smartphones and radio. Business flags, on the other hand, are a physical object that’s unlike the flashy images and quick quips we’ll hear or see. Custom flags will send a message that also opens the door to immediate opportunity.

Order of importance: A flag maker defers to the business owner when drafting what’s going to appear on the flag. A recognizable logo will show shoppers that your store is nearby. To the not-so-established operations, a “Now Open,” “Sale” or announcement about an ongoing opportunity will be hard to pass up. Everything from antique stores to car dealerships can benefit from business flags that make a short and sweet announcement. What you want on your custom flags is up to you; it’s simply best practice to partner with A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation for a top-quality made-in-America product that has been designed to showcase your store.

Streamlined design: From initial outreach to running your new custom flags up the pole, A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation makes the entire process as straightforward as possible. In three easy steps, owners of local businesses will describe the business flags they’re after, supply any images they’d want incorporated into the design, pay for their order and receive their one-of-a-kind product in approximately one week. It has never been easier for a business to connect with potential shoppers.