3 Reasons why Advertising Flags will Take your Trade Show Display to the Next Level

Tom quinn Custom Flag Tips

trade show display

Lights, cameras and plenty of action – that’s the buzz on trade show floors across the country. These multi-day events provide companies of all industries the opportunity to present themselves as being on the cutting-edge. As with first impressions, brands only get one shot at grabbing the attention of trade show attendees as they mix and mingle on the floor. To help your brand stand out, A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation/BestCustomFlags.com is giving readers timely guidance on advertising flags. These custom flags are a trade show staple and are essential when it comes to branding as well as conveying important information. If your company is considering the services of a flag maker to spruce up your next trade show appearance, here are three things to consider. Let’s get started!

1) The ‘eyes’ have it: Trade shows are packed with bright colors, loud sounds, free samples and plenty of other hand-outs. These exist to entice attendees toward your booth and learn more about your brand. This is crucial at trade shows where day-of sales often aren’t allowed; these attendees need to be converted into future customers who will go home and make an order. The first step is crafting custom flags that grab their attention. Tall banners on fabric or vinyl can be crafted by a flag maker to flank each side of your table. These banners will be designed to contain the images and wording you want – which also makes these advertising flags uniquely yours.

2) Getting the message across: It’s time for the sales pitch once you’ve attracted trade show attendees to your table. This is where backdrop banners come into play. These vibrant custom flags will hang across the back of your banner stand and contain key points about your brand. These can include: logos, core services and current offerings, social media handles, reviews, awards and much more. Made from poplin fabric and available in a variety of sizes, the backdrop is one of the core components of the effective trade show set-up.

3) Visual media done right: Sure, the coronavirus pandemic may have put in-person trade shows on hold for 2020. However, these much-anticipated industry events will return in full-force in 2021 and the value of attendance will increase. According to event management firm SpinGo, “the average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show exhibits at an exhibition.” That is a lot of visual media to digest so it’s crucial to hire the flag maker that’s capable of crafting the best custom flags for your needs. The article adds that using “visual representations” like advertising flags to “attract attendees to your booth” will help lure in those with purchasing power.