Custom Flag Maker can Help Clients Navigate Do’s and Don’ts of Event Banner Design

Laurie Olsen Custom Flag Tips

Event flag design

There are quick and effective ways to convey a message and event organizers need to be aware of what works best. When you’re competing for attention, every second and square inch counts. This is why investing in quality event banners made by a custom flag maker can prove effective. Whether you’re advertising from the roadside and telling drivers to pull in or spreading the word weeks before an event, a flag maker can craft a custom flag that’s going to work as intended. Of course, there are some do’s and don’ts in this endeavor that will improve results when followed. Let’s get started!

DO consult the experts: If you’re going to do event banners right, you’re going to need an experienced flag maker on your side. There’s simply no DIY alternative to these kinds of custom flags. Working with the experts at A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation/Best Custom Flags will give you plenty of insight. You’ll be able to narrow down the size, color, design and material that best suits unique needs. Vinyl or fabric flags that can stand up to outdoor conditions in vibrant colors with images that are provided by the client are ones that will resonate with potential attendees/customers.

DON’T play it safe: Your event banner may be the only form of advertising that you’ve investing in. If you’re working with a custom flag maker, don’t simplify things just to cut costs. Those in charge of a fundraiser, sporting event, school sale or other form of attendance-driven gathering need to bring in an impressive headcount. Part of this process is designing a custom flag that’s going to grab the attention of those spotting it. This is where the size of the banner and what’s on it come into play; make sure it resonates and conveys the message that attendance is mandatory. Only a custom flag maker can accurately comment on past banner design details that have proven to be effective.

DO consider multiple uses: An effective event banner from a flag maker should be designed with the future in mind. A “grand opening” banner may earn plenty of attention on that one important day, but it won’t serve much purpose a month down the road. Rather, a business that wants to advertise information about an upcoming event – and re-use the banner in the future – can consider messages such as services, products offered, sales specials or general reasons to stop in. What’s more, A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation/Best Custom Flags can provide you with as many of these custom event banners as needed and online ordering of your custom flag makes the process as streamlined as possible.