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Outdoor Flags are Essential Part of Multi-Faceted Marketing Plan that Embraces Synergy

Laurie Olsen Custom Flag Tips

marketing strategy

The mere existence of your business isn’t always enough to ensure success. Smart entrepreneurs know they’ve got to get their name out there to increase income. This is typically where the marketing department comes in, but there are so many approaches to advertising your brand that the “right” way can seem elusive.

A combination of marketing efforts is what’s known as synergy. When these approaches are taken together, it’s more likely that your business will receive more attention. There is no single correct approach and what’s best will vary by industry; some can fly outdoor flags at their shop and see more people coming through the door as a result. Others may have to launch a digital campaign because today’s shoppers are primarily online. Either way, this is an example of synergy in marketing and its importance will be explored below.

Curb Appeal

Small businesses are clearly the best example for synergy in marketing. A well-run advertising campaign and increased impressions can boost foot traffic, increase recognizability and improve reputation. There are numerous ways for a small shop to achieve all this, too. According to the Houston Chronicle, “multiple, low-cost initiatives” are best for a downtown Main Street shop that seeks more attention via “impressions.” Those impressions can mean flying custom flags from your restaurant or shop, paying for print or radio ads and even running a contest that will get local residents talking. Let’s focus on outdoor flags for a moment. Not only are these eye-catching banners a great way of showing folks that you’re open — which is crucial during the coronavirus pandemic — but they demonstrate a commitment to curb appeal. Residents and shoppers want to support a business that is invested in the community and committing funds to aesthetics is proof of that investment. Coupled with other forms of advertising, custom flags are a crucial part of a marketing plan that makes the most of synergy.

Sending the Message

The ability to make your own flag mean starting with a blank canvass. The color, message, size and branding are all options at your disposal. This means that the final product, flying high above your brick-and-mortar store or hanging above the front door over the sidewalk, is something that demands and deserves attention. As stores re-open during the ongoing health pandemic, it can be hard to tell which form of operation they’ve adopted. Open to walk-ins? Doing take-out only? Just want the world to know that you’ve reopened the doors? Custom flags can convey that message and are perfect for a multi-faceted marketing campaign.