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Custom Flags made from Nylon are Effective way of Delivering your Marketing Message

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nylon flags

Winter snow, whipping spring winds, blazing summer sun and cold fall rainstorms join forces to create inhospitable outdoor conditions. Business owners have another reason to be concerned about wild weather and it’s centered around their storefronts.

Business flags provide eye-catching outdoor advertisement opportunities and are incredibly popular for this reason. Some of the materials used by flag and banner manufacturers include vinyl, nylon, mesh and poplin. However, not all materials can be used on flags and banners for reasons explored below. Fortunately, makers of custom flags are happy to guide potential customers and offer advice on which material is best for your unique needs. Let a professional flag maker extend the lifespan of your business flags by choosing the correct material and application.

For your Custom Flags

Nylon for outdoor flags: As a synthetic material that boasts man-made durability, nylon will easily translate to many custom flags. Nylon polymer is created in a highly-specialized process that renders the material known for its resistance to rips, tears, heat and stretching. Those are all risks that outdoor flags are exposed to. Thus, flag maker BestCustomFlags.com/A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation works exclusively with nylon when making outdoor flags for customers. This material is well-suited for withstanding the wind in ways that vinyl or mesh is not. Customers will get the opportunity to consider many design elements when working on their business flags, including double-sided prints, color-matching options, fast turn-around time and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Additional Materials for other Products

After working with us for your business flag needs, you may decide that outdoor banners for your business are going to help with getting your storefront recognized. Below are some other materials we use for non-flag products.

Vinyl, mesh and poplin banners: Vinyl is a vibrant material that is hard to beat when considering durability. At BestCustomFlags.com/A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation, we use heavy-duty 18-ounce vinyl. This synthetic compound is a plastic at its core so it is popular for its thickness and durability. Companies can easily leave their vinyl banners outside for long periods of time without having to worry about damage. Finely-woven nylon mesh also remains a popular option. Mesh is well-suited for rough weather and prolonged exposure to the elements. Poplin is a blended material is akin to indoor cotton-based fabrics, so customers are almost immediately familiar with it. Poplin offers water-resistant properties that can help extend the lifespan of products. We often see poplin used in outdoor adventure clothing so if it can stand up to those tests, it’s perfect for other outdoor applications. Wrinkle-resistance is an added bonus, too!