Best Custom Flags Discusses 2021 Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Throughout 2020, small businesses around the globe experienced severe financial hardships and setbacks due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus. The Journal of Economics and Management Strategy found that the number of active US business owners dropped by 22% during the months of February and April alone, the largest drop ever recorded. Since the Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine’s announcement in early December, small business owners are now hopeful that their business will be revitalized during the upcoming 2021 year. Best Custom Flags, A Stars and Stripes Corporation, is a respected flag maker known throughout the marketing industry for their state-of-the-art manufacturing process, superior color-matching technique, and top-notch customer service. In 2021, Best Custom Flags hopes to help small businesses across the US connect with potential customers and drum up business with the help of high-quality banners and custom flags.

Foot Traffic

While it is still uncertain what the future of 2021 and will look like for businesses, that has not stopped marketers from strategizing. One study conducted by Wordstream, a Boston-based search marketing company, found that companies and small businesses looking to increase profit in the upcoming year should reallocate their ad spend toward more effective marketing tools that will help increase foot traffic. In this respect, Best Custom Flags is an excellent resource for organizations and small businesses looking to increase foot traffic, as banner and flag advertising have been proven to help increase brand awareness and foot traffic for companies across numerous industries.

Inexpensive and Effective Marketing

With social distancing orders expected to end sometime in 2021, many marketers are expecting an increase in window shoppers for the spring and summer months. Flag and banner marketing campaigns can be an excellent way to promote your product and services to the local community. Compared to other marketing strategies, flag and banner marketing can save your business thousands of dollars while garnering brand recognition through round-the-clock advertising.


Perhaps one of the most widely discussed topics throughout 2021 was “cabin fever.” As a result of social distancing and CDC guidelines, most Americans now are hopeful that within 2021 they will be able to leave their homes and participate in group events. From bars and clubs to cinemas and sporting events, it is widely accepted that post covid; people will be attending a large number of social events. Organizations and small businesses should prepare for this opportunity by preparing portable marketing material to take to a large number of events to maximize their brand exposure.