Best Custom Flags on Why Clutter is Your Enemy in a Banner Design

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Many amateur designers’ first instinct is to fill their banner with as much information about their organization as possible. While it is important to view a banner as an opportunity to communicate with potential customers, too much clutter on your banner will only cloud your message. Best Custom Flags, a Stars and Stripes corporation, has built a reputation within their 40 years of service of offering companies top of the line custom flags and banners. While many organizations come to Best Custom Flags with a design already in mind, it is also common for customers to need guidance when designing their banner or flag. In this regard, the Best Custom Flags’ design staff are uniquely qualified to help customers through the process of flag and banner design. Below, Best Custom Flags will discuss clutter and how to avoid it during the banner design process.

What Defines Your Company or Organization

Before designing a flag or banner, it is essential to stop and discuss with your team what is most important to include in your design. Asking questions such as “what is our company message,” or “what characteristics distinguish our company from our competitors” will help clarify what should be the focus of the design. Once you and your team have listed three ideas, the flag maker’s next step should be creating designs for each idea.

Less is More

When creating a design for each concept, it is essential to remember that clutter is the enemy of a good design. Taking your time creating each design will be vital in diminishing the possibility of clutter. Saving a copy of each step of the design will allow the flag maker to see whether or not a new design element has added additional clutter. After creating roughly 10-20 variations, it is important to review the rough drafts with team members to find the best candidates for the final design.

Avoid “Inspiration”

When first designing a banner or flag, flag makers will often view other companies’ flag designs for inspiration. By doing this, the flag maker will find different elements they enjoy about each flag and try to incorporate these elements into their own design. This will inevitably lead to an overly cluttered flag. If possible, it is best to avoid viewing other designs altogether until the final stages of your flag design process.