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Wave Banner/Swooper Flag Frequently Asked Questions

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Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions about Wave Banners

Have you ever thought about making a wave banner or swooper flag to display outside your businesses or along the side of the road? Not sure how to get started on your custom wave banner or swooper flag project?

Below are the Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions about making a wave banner:

1. What size can I make my custom wave banner or swooper flag ? Our custom wave banners can be made in 7′ or 12′ heights.

2. How can I display my custom wave banner or swooper flag ? Custom wave banners are mounted on our strong wave poles which come with a ground stake to be installed in the ground. The same pole can also be used with our wave stand indoors or on concrete or asphalt. Our water bag can be used to weight the wave stand if needed.

3. What material do you use to print the banners? They are made of a lightweight jet flag material that allows wind to pass through without placing stress on the flag pole.

4. What does single reverse and double sided mean? A single reverse wave banner or swooper flag is made by printing your image on the front of the banner with full penetration of the ink that allows the design to be seen in reverse on the other side of the flag. A double sided banner is made by printing two banners, sewing them together with a liner in between, ensuring that no images or text is displayed in reverse.

5. Can I use the same pole when I print a new banner? Yes, you can use the wave pole again and again when you have a new message you want to get out.

6. How many colors can be printed on my wave banner or swooper flag? Most wave banner or swooper flags are made using our digital printing process so the number of colors and complexity of your design does not impact the price of the banner. We can print almost any design.

7. What kind of artwork or design do I need to send you? In order to print a clear image at full size on your flag, we need a vector file (file that is made up of lines rather than pixels) or a file that is 100 dpi at full print size.

8. What if I don’t have the type of artwork you require? We have a graphic artist who can recreate your image into a vector file. The price for converting your file will depend on the amount of time required to do so. You will receive a proof to approved prior to production of the flag and you will get the file for use in future projects.

9. We have specific colors in our design, can you match them? We will match solid coated Pantone colors when we print our digital flags.

10. How long does it take to make my custom wave banner or swooper flags? Standard production is 7-10 business days for our digital custom flags. If you are in a hurry, we can rush your order in 1-3 business days for an additional fee.

I hope we have answered most of your wave banner or swooper flag questions. You can download our ebook to find out more about how to order a custom wave banner or swooper flags. If you are ready to get a quote on your project you complete this form or call us Monday – Friday 9am-5pm CST and we will get right back to you!