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Using Swooper Flags To Help Your New Community Get Noticed

Laurie Olsen Uncategorized

wave-bannerYou’ve probably seen them when driving down the street: colorful banners flapping in the wind advertising local businesses. Swooper flags, which are also known as wave banners or feather flags, are a great way to get the word out about your new community. Their bright colors and large text make them highly visible, ensuring that anyone passing by will know about your community.

If you’re considering using swooper flags to make people aware of your community, here are some considerations that you’ll want to take into account:


Swooper flags are made of a “jet flag” material which uses an open weave to allow wind to flow through the banner without placing stress on the flag pole. Our flags also use UV protected inks to minimize color fading.

Images and Text

Our wave banners are printed using a high-resolution digital process, providing for the capability to create designs with multiple colors, gradients, and full bleeds. This process produces the highest quality visuals in a custom banner of this size.  However, while images and text will be made as large as possible while fitting on the banner, keep in mind that people may be viewing these banners at a distance, so they should be legible and easy to understand.

Pricing for custom swooper flags is determined based on the size of the flag and quantity ordered, not on the complexity of the design or the number of colors printed on the banner. This provides creative flexibility for creating custom banners without additional costs.

Size and Spacing

Our custom wave banners are available in 7 foot or 12 foot lengths. The 7’ banners are 18 inches wide, and the 12’ banners are 30.5 inches wide. When displaying these banners, keep in mind that they need to be spaced far enough apart that they do not touch when they rotate in the wind.


Inclement weather may affect the life of swooper flags, although this is one of many considerations to take into account. To extend flag life, flagpoles are easy to remove from the ground (whether they use a stake or a stand and water bag) and store indoors in the case of extreme weather conditions.

When creating a custom swooper flag to let people know about your new community, we can help you determine the options that are right for you. Please contact us to get a quote. We look forward to bringing attention to your new community!