Tom quinn Custom Flag Tips

Many organizations are struggling to figure out how to raise money and bring their community together during COVID-19. Selling custom house and garden flags is a perfect solution for those problems. Custom made flags can be sold to raise money for your organization while serving as a source of pride, a keepsake or even a promotional tool.

Our goal at A Stars & Stripes Flag Corporation/ is to work with you to create a custom flag that meets the needs of your organization and community. However, you will need to make a few decisions up front before watching the profits roll in.

First, you must decide which flag type; garden flag or house flag, will best fit your needs before sitting down to work with our graphics team to create the custom flag design you like. You can either provide us with a graphic or we can create one that will match your brand colors and logo. Our printing process allows for color matching as well as unlimited colors and designs.

You can choose from a variety options to sell your custom flags. You can make a bulk purchase and sell the flags once you receive them, you can take pre orders and collect the money from your purchasers, or we can set up a website and your community can pay for the flags online. Some groups use just one of these methods while others use a combination to increase their sales. It is up to you, the flag creator, to decide which method is best to serve your community. We will be here to support you along the way!

We send you or the individuals who purchase your custom flags a high-quality, American made, Nylon custom flag that will represent your organization well!

Our team at A Stars & Stripes/ is eager to work with you to raise money to support your group and will happily guide you through the flag making process.