Proper U.S. Flag Disposal

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American-flag-disposalAs a symbol of our country, the United States flag should be treated with respect. If you own and fly an American flag, you want to be sure to observe proper etiquette, but what about a flag that has reached the end of its natural lifespan? Here are some tips on how to properly dispose of an American flag:


The preferable method of disposal for the American flag is burning. When doing so, the flag should be folded into its traditional triangular fold and placed on top of a fire. While the flag burns, it is traditional to pay respects by saluting, observing a moment of silence, or reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. After the flag has burned completely, the fire can be put out or allowed to burn out on its own. The ashes should then be buried.

Other Disposal Methods

While burning is the preferred method of disposal, the U.S. Flag can also be disposed of by burying, shredding, or recycling. For nylon flags, recycling is preferable, since it is more environmentally conscious.

Flags can also be given to organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, or the Boy and Girl Scouts for disposal. Here is a list of organizations which can dispose of a flag for you:

National Organizations:

Organizations near Downers Grove, IL:

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Image Credit: Trent Penny/The Anniston Star