Football is Back!

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Football season is upon us, and for sports fans all over the country, this means it’s also time to start gathering supplies and fan gear. Every dedicated fan needs a proper arsenal of team merchandise and gear to show their support at tailgates and watch parties, and it’s better to start looking early so your custom flags, banners, and other materials can get to you in time.

In addition to jerseys, hats, and other wearable gear, one of the most important merchandise items for football fans is flags representing a favorite team. It’s no wonder that custom sports flags have become so popular among enthusiasts — these are perfect for adorning your home, truck, or any other space with an overt symbol of pride in your local team.

So how does one go about getting a custom production? Which sports flags are the best quality, and what do you do if you can’t find a flag for your local team?

You’ll find the answers to all these questions and more below.

Specialty Flags are the Perfect Way to Show Your Team Spirit

For those looking to show off their support for their local football team loudly and proudly, there’s no better merch item than a sports flag. They’re perfect for encapsulating the essence of your favorite team and displaying it prominently for all to see.

Your flag can feature any recognizable symbol representing the football team you support, including their logo, mascot, name, or associated colors. This makes it easy to get across your message of encouragement and enthusiasm for your preferred organization.

Additionally, these products are extremely versatile and are well suited to almost any environment. You could fly them on a permanent flag pole outside of your home or affix one to a temporary flag pole on your truck bed at a tailgate. You could also hang them on the wall of your room, office, or gym — the choice is yours!

Custom Flags for Football at Any Level

When it comes to supporting popular, nationally recognized teams like those who play in the National Football League or the National Collegiate Athletic Association, there are tons of gear you can purchase. However, for those looking to support their local high school teams or teams playing for other, less widely recognized organizations, it’s not so easy to find adequate gear.

Luckily, custom flag vendors like Stars & Stripes are here to help. They’ll allow you to design your own flag with your local team’s logo, name, mascot, colors, or any other recognizable symbols, so you can show your support even when pre-made merchandise isn’t available. With custom orders, there are no limits to how you can show your pride in your local team.

Of course, you’re free to buy custom flags for any sport of your choice! This allows you to have more creative control over how you show your team spirit.


The Marks of a Quality Flag Vendor

When you’re ready to get your custom sports flag, it pays to go with a trusted name in the game. So, what tell-tale signs should you look for to determine whether a vendor is the real deal or not?

Well, a competent flag maker should be compatible just about any color or design pattern. Additionally, they should offer multiple shapes and configurations to cater to different needs.

As far as turnaround time goes, a reputable vendor should fulfill your request within 10 – 15 business days. Avoid anyone that can’t guarantee a timeframe or says the printing process will take longer. However, you also want to proceed with caution if a vendor says they’ll print your flag in a very short time, like 1-2 days. The final product might not look the way you want it.

Easy Ordering Process

The commissioning process should be short and simple. You just need to visit the website of your chosen vendor and fill out an application detailing the specific type of product you want with your desired dimensions. Then just upload the image you want on the flag, submit your payment, and await your merchandise!

If you don’t have a ready-made image or logo for your sports team, some vendors may be able to create a design for you. For this service, you will need to make inquiries on a case-by-case basis.

Display Your Pride in Your Football Team Today!

It’s clear to see why sports flags are an absolute necessity for any football fan this season; for the most part, they’re easy to purchase and show off with pride. If you have a unique design that’s not carried by manufacturers, you can always request a customized print.

We recommend comparing several sports merchandise suppliers before placing an order, so you guarantee you get the best deal with the highest-quality materials.